Sunday, 28 July 2013

Linton has it's roots in Folklore and the far, distant, Prehistoric past

Linton is linked to it's prehistoric and so called pagan past by folklore and tales of dark deeds and traditions.
It is noted for black dogs, fairies, conjuring up the Devil , ceremonies , Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age remains remains .
Harry Speight writing around 1900 tells us that not far from the church 'In a field-wall bedside the road may be seen some huge glacial boulders and there is one very large one one standing alone in the adjoining field, which from one point of view bears a striking resemblance to a human visage; and a notion prevails amongst the young folk of the neighbourhood that this stone will fall on it's face when it hears the cock crow ' To read more about the folklore of the area follow the link  Northern Antiquarian to an excellent site where these stories and traditions are described in detail

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  1. This site is interesting in that attracts a lot of interest in folklore - it was thought to be built on a 'Pagan' site . The stories probably have their origins in the fact that it is likely that once a number of prehistoric sites were a feature upon the landscape