Sunday, 28 July 2013

Why North Yorkshire is a Land of Enchantment

Some time ago we decided to begin a Facebook page  dedicated to the archaeology, history , landscape and folklore of North Yorkshire,   . We called it North Yorkshire Land of Enchantment for a very good reason - simply because it is a beautiful land and is much under-represented in terms of what it has to offer the tourist, historian , archaeologist and traveler .
We, Geoff and Gill  had shared many interests and begun to explore before this idea began to grow in our minds .
The logical way forward was to record, photograph and write about what we saw , people we met on the way  and our feelings on our experiences as we continue to discover the land that is North Yorkshire .
We hope the  Facebook page and especially this blog will attract many people and that they will accompany us on the journey around North Yorkshire , it's archaeology, history, hidden history, landscape'folklore and people past and present . Come and join us at

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